Many Hands Make Light Work

Tragedy makes us all ask ‘What can I do?’ and has most of us (me, included) second guessing how meaningful any contribution we make would figure in the grand scheme of things.

It doesn’t matter how big or small, God sees your efforts and knows the intentions of your heart.  Don’t be afraid that what you have to give is too small and wind up not giving at all.

Five of us this afternoon managed to tie fifteen quilts for the community of West, Texas.

Many thanks go to…

* my Mama for letting us use her space and her stash for all the backing fabric.

* my co-worker, C, who’s never quilted, but really likes the whole concept of tying them.

* His Awesomeness who, before today, has never touched an iron.  He pressed all the tops and backing.

The Diva for tying thread after thread after thread and offering prayers with each knot.

Joann’s Fabrics in Waco for selling a roll, yes, A ROLL, of 90″ wide batting at 50% off and throwing in the curved needles for free.

Whether it’s your community or someone else’s, every effort counts.


Now, on to the binding.



  1. Wow you guys accomplished so much in one day! You know, the more you tell us about your kids the more awesome they seem. You must be very proud!

  2. What a wonderful idea! This project is a great way to foster community service type of work. It helps out all involved. Bravo!

  3. Yes, I read about this in the news. My heart and prayers go out to all. You have done a fantastic MITZVAH! Meaning more than just doing charity, but help that is a blessing. We too had a difficult week. Bryna’s daughter had a fire in her apartment this week and lost everything. They have 13 children and no insurance. I’m trying to raise money for them and asking my locals for help with quilts, quilt tops and orphan blocks. Everyone will need a new quilt.

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