Ready for Quilting

I got the center part of this top sewn up on National Quilting Day…along with three others, but who’s counting? I love how quickly these sew up…it’s a version of the 1600 Jelly Roll pattern only the strips aren’t sewn together at an angle.  I’m lazy and that way just takes too much time, not to mention that it wastes fabric and who wants that!  The tricky part, at least for the ladies at my LQS, was in helping me choose fabrics for the borders. My choices won out as theirs seemed to have come from outer space.

Whaddya think?  The chocolate brown border kind of blends into the grass, but it’s there I promise.

The utilitarian shot
The utilitarian shot

The artsy-fartsy shot

The Diva even helped me press some of the border fabric while wearing her handy-dandy oven mitt.


Now, to get it quilted.  Mama assures me her quilting machine is fixed and ready to go.  I hope so as I have a home in mind for it…the home just doesn’t know it yet 😉



      • I could see it this morning. So, I commented then. I have no idea why but I tried repeatedly last night and kept getting the message it was gone but I could see the header for your blog. It was just that post.

      • Weird. I’ve discovered two other posts have pulled a vanishing act but I can still pull them up. Can you see my two previous posts?

      • No, now the next post I see is the one about “You’re gonna carry that a long time” or whatever it was. It was a link to a post about weight. I know there was a post about the Diva ironing for you with oven mitts on prior to this one. I will see if I can access it from my mail. I am a subscriber.:-D

  1. Beautiful!!! The borders really bring out the colors in the strips. I must try make one of these someday–I’d agree with you on the sewing the strips together straight and not angled. I like the looks of it better too!

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