Nightlight-bulb Moment

No, I haven’t been watching Oprah which holds about as much appeal as watching grass grow,  but I did have one of those moments where I say to myself ‘Hey, how ’bout them apples?’ and feel fairly smug about how smart I’m capable of being when I apply myself.  It may not be something that screams in flashing neon how brilliant I am…maybe more nightlight bulb wattage, but hey, it’s all good.

The Diva was desperate to help me do something, anything with regard to quilting and as it happened, at that moment, I was pressing fabric.  I hate pressing fabric.  So, being the wily fox I am, I offered her the job.  Mind you, she’s deathly afraid of being burned and I can’t blame her.  And like that, it came to me…


I slapped an oven mitt on the hand that was in the line of fire and presto! I had someone to do the pressing.

She’s quite pleased with herself and fairly impressed that Mom could be so creative.  I’m sure someone, somewhere has already thought of this but it’s a novel concept to me.


Here she is, pressing border fabric for one of my Jelly Roll quilts.  Yippeee!!






    • Thanks, I thought so. The Diva certainly enjoyed it, too. Then again, we’ll see what she thinks when I have her press the plethora of HSTs I’ve made!

  1. Aww it’s nice when they’re pretty and useful! Clever mama! I wish I could convince one of my mess makers to handset binding but so far no takers. Enjoy your spring weather, it’s been snowing here all weekend, my mom keeps insisting it’s the start of the next ice age lol.

  2. That’s tom sawyer/huck finn move (can’t remember which one finagled boys to paint the fence for him)if I ever saw one. well played!

    • Heck yeah! She said she’d love to come (I’m not kidding and no, I didn’t bribe her to say that!) Of course, can I get a kid to unload the dishwasher around here…no way!

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