A Pinch of This and a Dash of That

It’s been cold (I can hear Mary in Indiana sighing over this one..hey, it’s below 60 degrees!), windy and rainy today..perfect weather for baking and sewing.

Lulu the boxer kept me company while I worked on yet another Jelly Roll 1600 quilt. I’d like to say I’m pacing myself, but the stone-cold reality is that I haven’t been in much of a crafting mood so I’m slower than molasses in January. It’ll get done eventually and added to the pile of 22 other quilt tops I unearthed that are in need of being quilted. Yes, I said 22…comes after 21 but before 23. Yep, THAT 22! What can I say? I’m a piecer.

Yes, that’s dust on Lennie the Featherweight. I’m so ashamed.

After the last crocheting debacle (you remember, the one where my Mama’s nice Tuesday crafting lady M gently pointed out that I was indeed crocheting a quadrilateral) I laid down my hook and ball and said to hell with this shit and left it alone for awhile.  Well…here’s what I’ve got so far.  And yes, I know I dropped a stitch on the left hand side.  Thanks for pointing that out, but I’ll be damned if I undo all that.  It took me two weeks to achieve.


From this angle, the right side looks wonky, too but I have it on good authority (that’s two different crocheters, if you must know) that when viewed from the proper angle, all is well.  Nyah-nyah.

And I have to share my JoAnn’s score with you.  Only those who sew can truly appreciate the deal I got.  Pinking shears for $45.99 with a 50% off coupon.  Can I get a hell yeah!


Yes, this is how truly orgasmically exciting my social life is.  Sad really, but there it is.

On the baking front, I managed to sneak in applesauce and protein powder to my usual recipe for chocolate chip cookies.  I love duping the family…and they make it so easy.


My epic fail for the day, however, are these lovely little hockey pucks   muffins  hockey pucks I made from a recipe on the side of an oatmeal canister.   I had such high hopes they’d be tasty, but I’m sorry, anything called ‘High Protein Applesauce Muffins’ is probably gonna suck eggs.  Pond hockey, anyone?


The Diva loved them, bless her heart.  I say ‘bless her heart’ in a way only a Texas girl can.  In this instance it can be roughly translated as ‘she’s weird as all get-out’.  I’ll save the various translations of ‘bless your heart’ for another post.  After all, it never hurts to learn a second language.

I spent the rest of the day with my Mama and we drove all over hell’s half-acre running errands.  I was rewarded with really good company and lunch.  I loves my Mama.

It’s Wednesday…is it too early in the week to start drinking?


  1. My aunt in San Antonio pointed out yesterday it was warmer here than there. Of course it is supposed to cool off this weekend…..when I will have 50 – 60 people here for supper!

    Don’t be messing with the chocolate chip cookies!

    • That’s a heckuva get-together! As for the cookies…they were really good and I had no complaints. They turned out kind of cake-like which I like.

  2. Mmmmm…chocolate chip applesauce cookies? Those sound YUMMO! I think your crochet looks fine, is it a washcloth, if so then who gives a rats ass if you dropped a stitch…REALLY? I found a recipe for “Cheesecake Factory Carrot Cake Cheesecake” today…gonna make it this weekend…looks to die for…one layer carrot cake, one layer cheesecake, then repeat and smear pineapple cream cheese frosting all over the top…whats not to like??? EH?!! Have I pledged my eternal love for you lately? You are my sister from another mister, neither one of us has a filter…its so fabulous! Happy Wednesday!

    • It’s a shame we don’t live closer to one another…you could fatten me up with toffee and cheesecake! I usually substitute applesauce for some of the oil/butter in a recipe and the cookies turned out fine. It’s the sneaking it in part that’s hard. As for the crochet…I’m not sure what it’s going to be…probably another scarf, but who knows?! I got fed up with the big blue ball of yarn..it was just pissing me off, so I had to break out a new skein and try, try, try again. You’re my honorary sister…how’s that?

  3. I managed to snag the same bargain at JA’s in Waco last year. On Pinking shears, no less! The lady at the counter- she looked at me like I was a criminal.- I think she was jealous she didn’t think of it first!
    I left for work yesterday, it was 76f. When I walked out of work- it was 40f. What a surprise- I didn’t even know it was supposed to rain!

    • I know that look! What’s the point in putting out those fabulous coupons if you can’t use ’em on what you really need…I mean want…no, I mean need. It was just plain nasty all day yesterday…cold and wet. Today started wet and cold, but it’s pushing 60 so I’m happy.

  4. I spent yesterday home due to a snowstorm..in APRIL mind you-thankfully it is melting (oh, and we refuse to look at the forecast for the next week, not cool anymore Mother Nature)!! I got up, couldn’t see the end of my driveway, so it was meant to be to stay home and work on sewing!!

    I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one with lots of her tops laying around-quilt tops that is! I even actually have backs matched to some of them, but I just don’t do well at getting around to finishing them. Maybe someday when I convince the hubby to buy me a Baby Lock Tiara!!

    As far as being too early to drink in the week–I’m usually asking myself if it is too early in the day, however, I realize that would ba a bad idea when sewing, so I really never get around to the drinking part.

    • Someone posted on FB a picture of a snowman with multiple knives protruding from him with the caption ‘die winter die’. I love the look of snow…just not the cold and the mess.
      I’ve matched backs to some of my tops, too thinking this would expedite the whole process. Nuh-uh. I just like to piece. The quilting is more of a chore. I can hear the quilt police gasping.

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