Calling All Quilters!

Michelle from Quilts from My Crayon Box has requested help in creating a quilt for a critically ill 9 year old boy who’s been diagnosed with terminal cancer.  You can find the details here along with all the details.

She’s asking for 9″ squares of fabric, NOT blocks, just fabric and get well wishes and prayers.  Lots of them.  She also said the family has not yet told this child he has cancer, so any wishes you may write and send along with your blocks shouldn’t mention it. 

If you’re interested, please visit her blog and add your name to the list.  Let’s blanket this child with hope and healing.


P.S. I now have the address where you’d need to send your squares.  Here ’tis…

Michele Kuhns

25 Chester Dr.

Waterford, NY 12188



  1. Thanks so much for sharing! I plan to dig through my stash over the weekend to find something to send. This touches my heart–I couldn’t imagine being a parent and having your child go through that, I know how tough it is right now with a parent-in-law going through it.

    • It just makes me appreciate how healthy my kids are. I can’t imagine having to tell a child ‘You’re sick and barring a miracle, you’re going to die’. This child doesn’t even know yet what’s going on. Thank you for participating..they’re hoping to get it done in time for him to get some enjoyment from it.

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