Texas Spring

It’s spring, glorious spring complete with allergens from hell (yay, Central Texas!) and grousing from His Awesomeness about having to mow the grass. To heck with the bluebonnets…just give me green (leaves or money…I’m not picky)!


I like this shot of the oak tree.  The neighbors probably think I’m some sort of tree-worshipper since I was kneeling on the ground, looking up to get the shot.  Let them.  These are the same people who stole my trash can (I still want it back, you hoodlums) and the mister of the house likes to smoke cigars out on his back patio…in his underpants.  And they wonder why I’m constantly looking up.


I’m pretty sure that any self-respecting gardener would consider this a weed, but I think it’s pretty.  I’d better, since they and the dandelions have essentially taken over the yard.

Well, I’m off to take a Benadryl and gaze up at the trees.

Happy Wednesday, y’all!





  1. I’m sneezing just looking at these pictures! I know that it will be coming here soon enough–today we finally hit 40!!! Maybe the massive snow drifts in my front yard will start to subside! Happy Spring 🙂

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