Padding the Stash…with Babes

My husband is a car nut. Ever heard of Barrett-Jackson car auctions?  I wish I hadn’t.  Once a year they have this extravaganza that I swear lasts six months with all these old farts and their trophy wives bidding on exceedingly expensive vintage automobiles for sums that I don’t think I could even write out.  It’s hell on earth and an appropriate time for me to schedule a quilt retreat.  Not that I’ve ever done that, mind you.  Ahem…

‘We’, and I use that word loosely, own two hot rods: a ’68 Roadrunner, the show car which was a heap of crap when he towed it into the driveway and heaven forbid if I brush up against it because OMG you’ll scratch the paint! and a ’68 Coronet, the race car which I found out he was racing when I called him at the track one Saturday night and His Awesomeness answered the phone.  Where’s your father I asked.  Headed down the track.  He went really fast came his response.  Lovely.  We’ve lived in this house thirteen years.  I’ve parked in the garage maybe six months of that.  Sigh.

Anyway, on to the ‘stash’ part.

Occasionally, and by that I mean once, I’ll get the urge to make Himself a car-related quilt.  He’s been dropping heavy hints about needing another quilt for the new show season and when was I going to get busy already!  I came across the most awesome backing fabric the other day and couldn’t pass it up…


'Sweethearts' from Alexander Henry
‘Sweethearts’ from Alexander Henry


Himself was suitably impressed and appropriately effusive with his praise.  The man knows which side his bread’s buttered on.

Alright, enough with the ladies!

I also got this…

'pursuit of happiness' by Alexander Henry
‘pursuit of happiness’ by Alexander Henry

I’m happy just lookin’ at ’em.  Himself, not so much.  The Diva informed me they were gross.  His Awesomeness thinks he looks just like them. 

Me…I’ve been humming Yankee Doodle ever since.





  1. LOL…I thought that stuff was funny until my sons reached the point where women were looking at them and making comments. Then it wasn’t amusing to me anymore. I have always preferred older men. At my age that means they are walking with a cane at the very least and probably wearing Depends but at least they probably aren’t some other woman’s “little boy”! Enjoy all your babes!

  2. Oh how I needed to see this to smile this morning!! I’m going to have to take your theory though, and next time I buy lady fabric for the Hubbs, I’m going to have to get some men for myself to keep it equal! Besides, he already has two lady quilts and I haven’t a single man quilt! I can’t wait to see what you do some day with your collection!

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