Fabric and a Little Something Extra

Someone please explain the phenomenon of not having that ‘just perfect’ fabric in a stash that’s roughly the size of Rhode Island? How is this possible? So, you know where I went this afternoon…

I had several suggestions for borders (or lack thereof) for one of the jelly roll quilts I made Saturday. Here’s what I came up with…


I’m thinking an inner border that finishes at 1″ wide with an outer border of, oh, let’s say 3-4″.  I know both prints are busy, BUT, the red will be skinny (like me when I get to Heaven) and the brown print should be manageable ( like my kids when they take their meds) once I get it cut the width I want.  You should’ve seen the suggestions the gals at the shop made…ooh, boy, someone went off the meds today!  And then they got upset when I didn’t pick what they liked.  Too bad, make your own damn quilt!




What the hell was I thinking?


Would YOU want this quilt with these fabrics?

And now, for the little something extra: I know I lead an exciting life when I discover a bird, yes a real live bird, circling the ceiling….while I’m sitting on the potty.  First it’s the kids, then the dog, now a bird.

Good times, y’all!  It’s Monday!!





    • It’s bad enough I get dive-bombed trying to lock my front door but to have one hovering overhead, making me a potential target for bird poo is just about the limit of what I want to handle. As for the fabric…thank you. I think it’s funny that the ladies in the shop thought my choices stunk but my blogging buddies are very encouraging. I’m assuming you gals are being honest 😉

      • Well why the hell wouldnt I be being honest! I tell ya! WTH?! I think I am a little grumpy today…that jelly roll dillywag just about did me in and the end result SUCKS! More later! Avoid the bird, Avoid the bird!!

    • Yes, smart aleck, we have indoor plumbing! We just have birds that prefer the indoors instead of the great wide open. I almost went with an aqua-ish shade for the inner border, but restrained myself.

      • Back at you, smart aleck! I grew up without it. My parents didn’t have it until late 80s. I still know several people without it. Nothing like having to trot out to the little house out back, get settled and realize a bat is in there with you! I love red and I think that quilt needed the red…or a really deep aqua. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

      • One of my dad’s memories of their outhouse growing up was falling through the floor and trudging poopy footprints all the way back to the house. I’m glad I missed those days. The occasional roadside emergency squat is enough for me!

  1. Ok! I made one last night…why dont these turn out like everyone elses? I’ll send you a pic in a few days when I am done housesitting….ARGH!!!! WTF??!!

    • Julianne, darling calico lady, you have to give up on trying to make it ‘just so’ and go with the flow. Mine wind up with identical fabrics next to one another which I find impossibly irritating but it more than makes up for it in speed of completion. I am a speed ho!

  2. I like the brown border because I think it will make the inner fabrics really stand out.

    I often disagree with the girls at the shop over fabric choices.Ive stopped asking for their opinion.

    • I like them both..the brown is really rich. And I’m not asking ’em for opinions anymore. I wish I’d taken a picture of their suggested fabric…ugh!

  3. I like the border options you choose! Like Shay said, the brown really makes the inner colors stand out! I often wonder what the quilts look like that some of those shop ladies do after hearing what their suggestions are when they try to help you for fabric. Also, If we always had the right color in our stash for such things, we wouldn’t have a stash!

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