Modern Quilt Patterns: Another e-book Review

McCall’s Quilting and McCall’s Quick Quilts magazines have put together a free e-book featuring modern quilt patterns and I was asked to give it my review. 

Here goes nothing…

There are three patterns each with its own unique feature: use of ‘white space’; quilt-as-you-go; and assymetrical layout.

I chose to make the Lemon Squeezy quilt designed by Sherri Driver, featuring a quilt-as-you-go style (which I’ve never done).  Sorry, for whatever reason, I cannot copy and paste pictures from the e-book here to show you so you’ll either have to trust me or click on the link above and take a look for yourself.    The pattern calls for using various widths of strips which I chose to ignore because I’m literally drowning in precuts.  With that caveat, I chose a Honeybun called Clementine from Moda to use for my assignment.  Here ’tis…


I think it turned out rather well if I do say so myself. 

And here’s the back.  This is the only time in the history of ever that my quilting lines are actually straight.  I’m waiting for your polite applause.


And here’s the happy recipient….


Yes, I made a quilt for my dog, even though I don’t like dogs (I am a cat person at heart).  But she likes me so that scores her brownie points.

Now, here’s the tricky part.  After a chat with a responsible adult (that’d be my Aunt Patsy) I can say at least two people don’t feel that these patterns are ‘modern’.  Why?  I’m glad you asked.  Modern to me (bearing in mind that I’m no expert) involves an almost exclusive use of solids, tons of white (negative) space and assymetrical blocks and/or placement of blocks.  All three of these babies are loaded with patterned fabric.  Yes, they use design elements from the modern quilting spectrum, but they just don’t feel modern.  Call ’em whatever you’d like.  Personally, I’d go with traditional with a twist.   

Would I make a quilt from the other two patterns?  Yes, to the Baubles and Beads; no, to Rainbow Rhythm as I’m no fan of half-square triangles.  Would I use the Lemon Squeezy pattern again?  Definitely!  I like the quilt-as-you-go style, however, if I adhered to the modern aesthetic, I’d use solids only.

Thanks again to Eric for giving me an opportunity to unleash my opinion on the world.  Not that I ever needed permission, but sometimes it’s nice to be asked.




  1. Stephanie, thanks again for review this, giving your feedback, and sharing it with others. I appreciate it and your quilt looks great! I agree- a lot of people have emailed me telling me the same thing about it now being a true modern quilt. I guess it is more of a modern twist to traditional quilt. I told the editors about the concern and this is what they told me to let others know:

    “We hope you’re enjoying the free patterns included in the collection. The term “modern”, like most terms in quilting, is a relative, not absolute, thing. We feel these 3 quilts are modern in relation to traditional quilts. Baubles and Beads has lots of white space, bright fabrics, and no outer borders. The asymmetrical setting of Rainbow Rhythm, as well as its use of non-print fabrics, gives it a modern feel. And the fast construction method and free-form piecing of Lemon Squeezy challenges quilters to try something improvisational and new. Although the quilts may not completely meet a particular quilter’s definition of Modern Quilt Movement designs, we feel these do have a modern spin and hope they will give quilters wanting to explore modern techniques and the modern aesthetic something valuable.

    We at McCall’s are super excited about the liveliness the Modern Quilt Movement has brought to quilting, and we’re proud to have presented designs from several well-known modern quilters, and to have more in our pipeline. Fans of modern quilts will love our patterns from Julie Herman, Patricia Bravo, Janelle Cedusky, Anna Maria Horner, Konda Luckau, Thomas Knauer, and Jocelyn Ueng, as well as a recent article by Heather Grant. We’re looking forward to presenting work by modern quilters more and more as time goes by.

    Again, thanks for your interest in our eBook.”

    I am not sure if that is helpful. I guess the ebook is sort of unique though, but perhaps the title could be changed slightly. What do you think?

    • You’re welcome and thank you…my Lulu is quite happy with her quilt although my children are a bit put out with me for giving a DOG a quilt. She’s short-haired and it’s cold, so she’s happy.

      As for my statement about the quilts not being ‘modern’, that’s my opinion. I’d say they’re more kissing cousins to traditional but I’m not up for arguing about it as there are people out there who are WAY more knowledgable about such things than me.

      Thanks for asking me to do this review!

      • Lol, this gave me a chuckle. Your dog looks cozy!

        Anyway, other people have been saying the same thing. Our McCalls brand is more traditional focused so I guess it’s more modern than usual for the magazine.

  2. I agree these don’t meet the “modern” standard for me. but they look like nice patterns and they are free. really there is nothing wrong with free! thanks for the link

    • They are really nice patterns and I like McCall’s and Quick Quilts and heck no, you just can’t beat FREE! I hope you enjoy making a quilt (or two or three) from the link!

  3. I enjoyed your review and have been asked to do this also for the Quilting Corner blog. I’m most interested in knowing if the directions are correct. All the quilts look like fun and are very pretty. I’m always interested in new designs. Quilters are so inventive. The quilt you made is adorable and so is the model.

    • Thanks Etty! It’s a happy quilt and Lulu was very pleased. On colder nights, she curls up into a ball so I thought she needed her own quilt. My kids are still disgusted with me for making it! Oh, well…

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