The Word For Today Is…

I’ve never much appreciated the pervasive use of the word ‘dude’ and now I know why.

His Awesomeness, the learned thirteen year old inhabiting my home, informed Himself and I that ‘dude’ is actually, brace yourselves, elephant butt hair.

Knowing full well he was lying like roadkill, I looked it up.

He’s right.

Wanna know the original meaning? Say no. Oh, okay, say yes!

Donkey genitalia! Yes, dude means donkey testicles!

So, the next time you run into those mommies from the PTO who keep nagging you to volunteer, give a shout-out: ‘Yo, what’s up, Elephant Butt Hair?  How’re the peeps, Donkey Testicles?’  I can guarantee you’ll be the talk of the school and the pariah of the PTO.

I love the English language.

**I have since been informed, that the above definitions constitute urban legend and are not to be believed. Still, it makes for good reading and who can’t use a good laugh! Enjoy!**


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