Mama Made It

My mother, the one who runs two households, crochets, quilts, designs her own greeting cards and generally gads about town while wearing a cape, has also taken up a hobby which she describes as ‘glorified doodling’. The actual technical name is ‘Zentangle’ and it’s fairly awesome, if I do say so myself. Look what she made me…



Isn’t he a handsome devil?  I’m still trying to decide where to hang this as most of our wall space is covered with car crap paraphernalia.  I still can’t fathom how the woman managed to do this in a moving vehicle without it winding up looking like one of those Rorschach test picture doomaflatchies.  Maybe one day I’ll be a Wonder Woman like my Mama!



  1. That’s gorgeous! If I tried to do this, even on steady ground, the rooster would look like he had had a close encounter with a McCormick reaper!

    • I’d LOL but I don’t know what a McCormick reaper is. She has a tote with all her stuff in it that she carries everywhere. People stop and ask her about it, watch her. They usually walk away with something she’s done, like a bookmark.

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