Are You Ready For Some Football?

Not me, baby. I’d be more inclined toward a body cavity search by someone wearing barb-wire gloves. I hate football. There, I’ve said it…although, maybe I’ve said it before and have simply forgotten. Old people do that, you know. That’s the gospel according to His Awesomeness. Actually, I include baseball, basketball and golf in that ‘hate’ category, too.  Hockey, I love.  Then again, with the lockout and short season, the NHL is on my list as well. 

The only highlight of Super Bowl Sunday: all those awesome commercials…and seven layer dip.  If there’s a David Beckham commercial again this year and I miss it…now that’d be a catastrophe of epic proportions. I’m taking my chances, though.  Instead, The Diva and I are watching ‘Home on the Range’ in my room away from the toxic fumes of all that testosterone.  Somehow, Roseanne Barr as a cow doesn’t seem so far-fetched.

I haven’t had a quilting finish in about a month and a half. If this trend keeps up, I fear I may forget how to sew altogether. Instead, I finished up a cap for Molly, the world’s best-dressed-in-homemade-goodness American Girl doll.  My Mama (Gramma) has whipped up quite a few outfits for Molly the clotheshorse, too.



I’ve discovered that I can’t read a crochet pattern worth a crap, so I’m making up my own rules as I go along, operating under the assumption that if the piece is holding together, it’s all good.  Thank goodness I opted not to go to medical school.  Can you imagine me as your surgeon?

If you’re so inclined, enjoy the game.  If not, I hope you’re doing something crafty.



  1. I just did something that needed to be done but is really boring. I am making the trees for my Bear In The Woods quilt and I have to put a diagonal line on about 240 (2) inch strips. Yawn. So I listen to a book on my phone or MP3 player. Just stopped and now watching the dang game with my hubby. I may go back again or not. Downton Abbey is on tonight you know!

  2. The same thing happens here when AFL grand final is on. I used to be supportive and would help Mr. P throw a BBQ for all the boys but now I just hole up in the sewing room until it’s all over!

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