Enablers aka Quilting Friends

Everyone knows that quilting folks are some of the most generous souls on planet Earth (except that snarky quilt police bee-otch at the local guild) and my two co-workers/quilting buddies are no exception. Over the past weekend, one of the local quilt shop owners had organized a shop hop all under one roof at the local convention center. My mom had bought tickets for both of us to attend and I was super excited about parting with some money seeing what all the vendors had to offer without having to gas up the car and drive for miles. Then I got the flu and that dream went out the window.

On Monday when I made it back to the land of the living, my buddies surprised me with a get-well gift, saying they felt terrible about me having missed out on all that fabric fun. You know, there are times when I really like pity. Look what they brought me…it’s called “Keep It Sassy” by Olive Sandwiches for Moda.


There’s a yard of this snarky fun…


And they said they thought of me when they saw this…


They must’ve seen me in the parking garage doing this…


And I’m not human without coffee.

They know me so well.  I told ’em I’d get sick more often if it meant more fabric.  When’s the Houston show again?





  1. But I have no idea what I would do with it. I have some Madge fabric I have never used either. I really like to collect fabric I suppose. Call me addicted!

  2. Man oh Man, I am just getting to know you but I think it fits you to a “T”…thats hilarious! The coffee one is SO ME….

  3. LOL…Glad to hear your friends took care of you. Cute fabric. I AM a morning person but the thing that RUINS my morning is the smell of coffee. I think I am the only person in the world that hates that smell.

  4. That is awesome! What great friends. I am imagining makeup bags or maybe gift bags for wine and chocolate, gotta go shop!

  5. Your friends are just the coolest bunch of people. I really need that coffee panel…that’s so me ! Glad to hear you’ve re-joined the land of healthy people .

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