Build Your Best Log Cabin: A Fons and Porter e-book Review

Back in early December, I received an email from Eric Woolf, online media coordinator for Fons and Porter magazine asking if I’d be willing to read their e-book, “Build Your Best Log Cabin”, and give it a review here on my blog. Pardon me while I giggle. A perfect stranger asking for my opinion? I almost peed my pants, I laughed so hard.

Now, you gotta understand a couple of things about me if you haven’t already figured them out (and if you’re a longtime reader, I grant that you have and are intelligent because truly smart people read my blog. Or maybe it’s just that you’ve got good taste. Nah, it’s both.). The first is, although I try my best to present an optimistic face to the world, I’m pretty much a pessimist which is to say I figured the email was one big, fat, hairy hoax and Eric was a scam artist. After contacting the magazine, it appears that I now must publicly apologize to Eric. Apparently, Eric’s too legit to quit. Sorry dude! The other thing about me is I’m fairly opinionated (shocking, I know…cue the eye roll) and am not opposed to giving my opinion when asked…or freely if the mood strikes. As one friend put it: “I wouldn’t say you’re rude…just…blunt.” I think that’s Swahili for “This chick doesn’t sugarcoat it”, but I could be wrong. Maybe it’s French.

So anyway, I reviewed the e-book. Multiple times. I read it ’til my eyes crossed and Himself morphed into Tom Selleck. And then dragged my feet about writing the review. Why? I have no good answer. Perhaps it’s the latent sadist in me. Ask the Co-Defendants: I’m not a nice lady. It’s probably more accurate to say I lollygagged because the first (and only, as it turns out) quilting class I ever took was on the log cabin block. And I hated it. It made as much sense as speaking Spanish in Bangladesh. But, a promise is a promise no matter how long it takes to fulfill. So, without further ado…here’s my review.


The e-book is twenty four pages of all things Log Cabin.  Traditional, Courthouse Steps, Chevron..they’re all here complete with pictures of antique quilts, historical tidbits and  cutting diagrams for various sizes of each type of block.  Liz and Marianne ( I love y’all’s magazine!)  included tips about storing your pre-cut pieces so you don’t lose your mind trying to keep ’em all straight and chain piecing to maximize your time spent at the machine.  I especially liked the diagrams showing ways to arrange the blocks to achieve different effects.  Who knew?  Oh, you did?  Well, you don’t have to brag about it!  There are four patterns to create a quilt of your own, including a doll-sized version from Marti Michell which The Diva is already coveting for her American Girl doll and a batik one using a Courthouse Steps variation from designer Lori Christianson called “On the Dark Side” which is making my heart go pitty-pat.  There are even a couple of tutorials on binding with piping and sewing the perfect binding.  Interested?  Here’s the link, provided by that straight arrow, Eric…

And before you ask, yes, I did try out a block using Marti Michell’s instructions just to prove to you that I can and do read…and can follow directions.  I’m anything but a slacker.  Well, that’s not entirely true but we’ll just let that one slide on by, alrighty?


Many thanks, Eric, for the opportunity to review the e-book (and question the veracity of your email…hehe…glad you’re not a con) and to Fons and Porter for putting it together.



UPDATE: 2/13/13

I was contacted by Eric from Fons and Porter and told there were a few errors in the Log Cabin pattern that hadn’t been updated on the site.  Please go back to the link provided above and download the new (correct) instructions.  I apologize for the inconvenience.



  1. So I guess we must be soul sisters or something because people are telling me all the time that I “have no filter”, crap just pops right on out of my mouth without thinking, needless to say it isnt always the best thing that could happen! I blurt out things that most people would just think about….ahhh well…makes life interesting…

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