Yarn Junkie

It’s official: I’m addicted to crochet.

I’ve been off work five consecutive days and have accomplished nil, zip, zero, zilch in the quilting department but have put the pedal to the metal when it comes to yarn and hook. To be fair (and appear somewhat responsible and domestic) I started off each day doing something constructive on the homefront. Hence, the baseboards are clean; doors and doorframes have been scrubbed clear of grime and fingerprints; AC/heating covers are dust-free; laundry’s (sorta) done; and the linoleum’s spotless. I need a vacation. Himself was less than thrilled about me taking off and not informing him…a little something I picked up from my fellow blogger Mary over at Made With Love By Mary. Thank you, Mary. It was totally worth it.  And I didn’t get any calls to come volunteer from the PTO.  Awe-some!!

I finished the American Girl afghan…


The Diva was quite pleased.  I can’t say how Molly feels about it as she’s not talking.

I finished up a baby-sized afghan also…




If any of it looks wrong, please consider that I’m self-taught and as long as it holds together, I don’t give a rat’s rear end how it looks.  Rules, after all, were made to be broken and I’m your girl.

I managed to make several trips to my local Joann’s Fabrics for…what else…yarn!  I know there are other places to buy yarn, Aunt Doris!!  I’ve discovered that my tastes run to the expensive…did you doubt it?  I don’t even want to know about mohair.  I stood there, moaning like Meg Ryan (yes, yes, yes!) whilst fondling skein after skein of luciousness…it’s a wonder I wasn’t arrested for public indecency.  Yep, it was that bad.  And I’m accumulating quite a stash…


If it says ‘sock weight’, do I really have to make socks out of it?  I think not.  A scarf would be quite lovely I think.

I’m currently working on yet another baby afghan.  Funny, but I haven’t started a crochet WIP collection yet.  Go me!!


Somewhere in all this fun, I managed to come down with a nasty cold and double ear infections.  Funny how we teach our kids to share, but never clearly innumerate the things they can just keep to themselves.  Bless her heart.  Crochet’s come to my rescue since I can sit in Himself’s recliner and hook like a pro.  For hours on end.  It’s back to work on Monday which is totally not fair but then again I need the funds for my growing obsession.

Himself asked if I had a large-scale project in mind, otherwise, why would I pick up such an odd hobby (his words, not mine).  I replied that I felt I needed another expensive hobby.  He hasn’t commented on it since.

Happy Saturday from one happy hooker!





  1. Yay! You go you awesome Hooker Mama! I have a crazy afghan that I started last year, I saw one on Etsy that I just had to copy…It was called a Chaos Afghan, basically back and forth with diffferent yarns of differnt textures, weights and colors…just single or double crochet back and forth…its rainbow love, chunky and colorful, I love it!! LOL!! Love your little afghans but I am partial to the blue one…so cute!

  2. LOL…Just wait. You will make it into a yarn shop. At that time you will discover what soft and expensive really mean. As for WIPs, I actually have some of my mother’s crocheting WIPs. She died in April of 2008!

    You are really whipping them out. Congratulations! I like making hats for babies. Quick, fun, cute and lets me try different yarns. Hospitals accept donations. Also can donate adult sizes to cancer centers.

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