What’s One More?

Occasionally, when I’m bored or in drastic need of medication, I’ll get what my Granmommie would call a ‘wild hair’…think of it as a (probably ill-advised) idea. Now, Einstein had ideas too, but generally speaking when I have an idea the devil says ‘oh, shit!’ and my wallet starts shrieking like a teenage girl in a slasher movie. Maybe I have that backwards.  Hmm. 

Actually, now that I think about it, Einstein had theories but why split hairs right? Ahem…sorry.

Anyway, last week I had a wild hair to try out something new in the crafty category. I know what you’re thinking: just what she needs–another hobby. I prefer to view it in the light of stimulating the local economy. I’ll wait while you stop laughing.

Behold my new hobby…


Yes, I’m now crocheting.  It’s certainly not pretty and I’m not entirely certain it’s fun…fun is sticking your tongue out at the guy in the car next to you.  Not that I’d personally know about such things because that’s just juvenile.  Himself snarked that I turned thirty-nine and have morphed into a grandma.  ‘My grandma knitted!’ he hooted.  ‘It’s CROCHET, you philistine!’ came the retort.  Not that it did any good.  As far as he’s concerned, I may as well start taking in neighborhood cats and talking to plants because I’ve now booked a seat on the train to Crazytown.  Whatever.  I find it somewhat relaxing and it’s nice to know I’ve carried at least one habit into this new crafting endeavor.  Yep, I contort my face like Jim Carrey in “The Mask” and stick the tip of my tongue out.  Sue me.  At least it keeps me from talking to the plants.


  1. Hey! Welcome to a new fiber art! I’ve been crocheting and knitting since I was in junior high school! In fact, I used to knit so much that developed carpal tunnel syndrome and my right little finger was blue and swollen from holding it in one place. That was when I was making Nordic sweaters for all of my family. (No, I’m not obsessive at all)! Now I make hats, scarfs or mittens only. And, I seem to have given my heart to quilting, so there isn’t much more of it coming. I hope you keep going because it really is fun.

    • My hands already hurt from quilting and I can’t crochet for very long for the same reason. One of these days I’m gonna find a hobby that’s not so hard on my hands!

  2. LOL….umm…I learned to chrochet when I was 8 years old. My 11 year old niece does it as does my 18 year old, ummm….well, she had a god-mother I would be it. She is mine and she and her friends at college crochet. It is the “new” craft of choice for a lot of people. I like making hats. Wait until you discover the different yarns in a good yarn shop. Sigh…..

  3. Hey yea…I crochet too…and knit and cross stitch and sew and bake and do all that grandmotherly shit and I am a grandma! I may only be a 43, but yes, I am proud to say that I am “GANNY” and I ROCK AT IT! You go girl, make some washcloths, they are awesome!

    • I never thought of washclothes! My mother had a patient one time who made me some…they were great. What I’m doing now will probably wind up as an afghan for The Diva’s American Girl doll.

  4. Point out to Himself that one can buy a LOT of yarn for the price of one quilt. Just start deciding where to put your yarn stash because, like fabric, it will find its way into your house! BTW, yarn doesn’t just come from Wal Mart or Hobby Lobby. There’s a whole new world of wools, alpacas, silks, worsted weights, lace weights, and on, and on, and on…. The same charities that like quilts also like afghans.

    • I don’t want to know where the really expensive stuff is! When we retreat at Milford, those ladies will occasionally go somewhere (I’m guessing into Dallas) for yarn. I’ll settle for the cheap stuff!!

  5. I tried to learn how to crochet almost two years ago but I have 6 left thumbs and it just didn’t work out for me. You tell the philistine that crochet is very trendy and hot right now so at 39 you still have it …

  6. I wish you luck on the crocheting! Yarn shops are just as bad as quilt shops by the way!! My Mom and aunts taught me out to crochet a couple years ago and the only thing I ever started to make is a t-shirt rag rug and it sits in a tote, unfinished! It is always fun though to have another hobby and something you can do when you need to take a quilting break!

    • So far, I’m having a good time with it…nothing fancy. I’ll post pictures when I finish something (provided I’m not embarassed by my efforts!)

      • Oh, you will do just fine! From what I see of it, it looks better than the first thing I tried! When they taught me how to crochet, I apparently had a problem with counting and knowing what to count and what not to count. I was quite a few rows into just making what was supposed to be a square and noticed my rows getting smaller and smaller–there was nothing square about it! My mom was gone for a couple of hours so after we realized it wasn’t going to be square, one of my aunts took it and turned it into a triangle before my mom came back as a joke. Then she took it home and crocheted a little pouch and put the triange as the closing for it. It’s nothing fancy, kind of silly, but it is a great memory of the time that was spent in my Grandma’s hospice room her last days.

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