Birthday Goodies

My mommy loves me, she really loves me. Not in that creepy, whiny-assed Susan Lucci way when she accepted her daytime Emmy.  She got that because everyone else was tired of her grousing about never winning and they wanted her to shut the hell up.  I never could stand that crazy bee-otch, plus she couldn’t act. Nope, my mama looooooooves me ’cause I’m her baby and it was my birthday. Look what she (I say she, but I’m sure it came from my dad too although he probably doesn’t care considering it’s not firearm or train related…yes, it’s an odd combo) got me for #39…


The Diva commented that I’ll never have to go to a quilt shop again.  Yeah, keep thinking that sweet pea.  Puh-leeze!  Gotta love that childlike humor.  Himself and The Co-Defendants gifted me a Panda Express card for as much Chinese food as I can stomach.  I am one happy girl!




  1. Happy Birthday! I would say your Mommy loves you–what an awesome gift! Did you tell the Diva that with all of that thread, you are going to need to get way more fabric than that pretty bundle you received from your mom in order to match all of the spools of thread, which means lots of fun trips to the quilt shop.

  2. Yay! You cleaned house girl! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY CRAZY FUNNY AWESOME DUDETTE FRIEND STEPHANNNNIEEEEEEEE…HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! Love ya Girl! Oh and ya, what the heck is that kid thinking, like that little bit of fabric is gonna last a long time or something?? Craziness!!

    • Thank you, you toffee makin’ babe!! How’re those cats today? As for The Diva, she probably recognizes that mommy is a first-rate fabric hoarder and fondler. I’m doing my best to turn her into one, too!

  3. Happy Birthday! Thank goodness for mommies who buy great gifts and only arm their daughters with thread!

  4. Happy Birthday! Glad you have such a generous mommy. Bet you are just as good to her. Watch out about thread. I think I have more thread than I do fabric. I can be an addiction.

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