Whipped Wednesday

I don’t know about anyone else, but I am pooped after yesterday’s runaway train of present opening and eating all that lovely food. My mother threw together the most awesome feast of chicken enchiladas, guacamole and traditional birthday cake for Jesus. Thanks, Mama…you rock!

Today, it’s back to the salt mines for Himself and me while the Co-Defendants keep the grandparents occupied. God bless grandchild-keeping grandparents.  And while my folks may miss their sanity, they can still be bribed with bookstore gift cards.

With all the holiday hustle and bustle, there really hasn’t been much sewing going on although I managed to get this top pieced just before Christmas.


Himself remarked that all the colors just kind of blended in with the white.  That was kind of my whole point…something very soft and subtle.  Too subtle?


I’m thinking of calling this top the Kit Quilt.  Remember Kits taffy?  If memory serves (and it usually doesn’t) they came in packs of 4 candies wrapped in wax paper.  My mother used to stop at the store every Sunday before church and those are what she picked up so she could sneak them to me to keep me quiet.  She liked strawberry and banana (gag), but my favorite was chocolate…did you doubt it? 

Anyway, back to the quilt talk.  I used three packs of Simplicity charm squares from Moda.  Yes, three.  They weren’t your typical packs as most charm packs have 35-40 squares per pack.  These only had about 15-20 and for some reason each pack was cut just a bit different so they really weren’t 5″x5″ squares.  The white fabric is from my monstrous stash.  Fabric diet for 2013?  We shall see…



  1. LOL! I’m just waking up in my house too, and only because he dog wanted out! It’s too bad you have to work today. These middle of the week holidays are kind of a problem for that. I used to try and take the whole week off from work but was not always allowed to by management. Luckily my hubby is management and can take off whenever he wants! I love the Taffy quilt. It looks soft and subtle and would be great for a baby girl quilt. Hey! Have a happy new year, okay?

    • It felt like Monday all day…ugh! All holidays should fall on Friday IMHO. I like the quilt too, although subtle isn’t an adjective I’d use to describe most of my quilts. Have a safe New Year…we’ll all be snuggled up at home while the drunks careen about!

  2. Helpful grandparents are always a God send. I managed to take the entire week off work but my husband went back yesterday and we got hit with that snow storm. Uggghhh! But, with a three day work week today is hump day!

    The quilt makes me think of the shabby chic style that was so popular about 10 years ago. Maybe it still is. I am not one for style but chose what I like. Looks very soft and cozy colors.

    • Hey, I was thinking about you yesterday! How’s that new grandbaby? It’s colder here, but not snow cold. People down here don’t know how to drive on snow…me included and freak out at the mere mention of the white stuff. I think I’ll have a nice quilt once it’s done…I’m thinking simple lines instead of stippling. Have a happy new year!!

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