Elfin Magic

I’ve spent the week hugging my children. At homework time, at dinner time, at bedtime and any other time I please because I can and I don’t ever want to be in a position where I’m forced to admit ‘I wish I’d…one last time’. Hugging them in public is a two-fold pleasure: I get the hug AND the enjoyment of watching them squirm a bit because ‘OMG, Mom we’re in PUBLIC and you’re TOUCHING me!’ They’re getting a bit tired of me being teary but I can’t help it when I think ‘What if those had been my children’.

I’ve always believed God sends what we need when we need it…whether it’s in the form of a thing like sun rays through clouds or a kind gesture from a stranger. Now there’s a Man who knows what He’s doing. Take today for instance. Today was the last half-day of school before the start of Christmas vacation. Can you hear the Co-Defendants cheering?! I spent the morning crying for those other parents. My children and their classmates spent part of their day praying for lost little ones. Who says you can’t learn a thing or two from the younger set. 

Anyway, noon rolled around and what pops into my car but Captain Studly and…


an Elfin Diva..check out the ears…


Her teacher bought each of the kids one of these hats.  I get the stink-eye when I go for PDA but she wore this hat in public.  Go figure. 

Thank you Father for reminding me who’s important and giving me the nudge not to put off today what may not be possible tomorrow. 

Oh, and that embarrassing them in public thing?  Yeah, that’s awesome, too.




  1. I know. My daughter will leave the house with mismatched socks, a weird hat on her head, and then will get on my case embarrassing her with a hug or kiss.! Go figure!

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