Yuletide Finish and a WIP

I honestly don’t know what’s wrong with me. Most quilters I know relish cold weather so they can sit at their beloved machines, stitching the winter away. Me, I just wanna eat and hibernate like a bear. Cold and dreary just leaves me, well, cold and dreary. I’m even starting to like Duck Dynasty.  Y’all, I need an intervention here!  So I decided to work with some obnoxiously bright fabric and attempt to achieve something approaching perfection in my sewing. Know what I decided?

Perfection is for pussies.

I quilt for relaxation, not perfection so that’s a dream I’m gladly giving up.

The Diva is getting an American Girl doll for Christmas (shhh, don’t tell) and I thought any self-respecting doll needs some quilts, right? I already finished a Christmas themed one and moved to bright and obnoxious which is more my style…


The fabric collection is Hoopla by Moda.  I’m debating whether it needs a border or go more modern i.e. borderless.  Any opinions?  C’mon, I know y’all have some!

I also finished up the rolled felt swag for my sewing corner.  You know, the one that made me develop arthritis?!  Here ’tis…


The dog is exacting her special brand of gastrointestinal revenge after yesterday’s post of her wearing the candy cane headband.  I swear she does it on purpose.  Y’all tried to warn me.

On that note, I’m linking up to Richard, Sarah, and Amanda Jean.



  1. On dreary winter days I feel the same, but on bright and sunny days my sewing room is also sunny and it’s the best room in the house! Anyway, Have a Merry Christmas over there in Texas!

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