Deja Sewing

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I made this flannel rag quilt for a friend’s upcoming birthday, congratulating myself (insert back pat here) that it was finished before her birthday. After popping it into the washing machine and dryer to achieve the ‘raggedy magic’ I so love, I pulled it out to discover that some of the stitches had popped.

All. Over. The. Damn. Thing.

Y’all know how much I hate to curse and I can honestly say I didn’t do much upon making this unfortunate discovery. Mainly because I was shoving Julianne’s wonderful toffee into my gaping maw as a form of catharsis. !@#$%&* rag quilt! So, I did the only thing I could…instead of ripping it apart and starting from scratch (no time!!), I sewed over the previous stitches. All of ’em. Again. Do you know how freakin’ hard it is to sew a rag quilt AFTER you’ve ragged it?! O.M.G.

Have I ever told y’all I have a lead foot?   Two days worth of piecing condensed into two hours.  The Diva kept helpfully suggesting that maybe I needed a break.  Perhaps the demonic glint in my eye was a clue to my impending implosion.  Or maybe it was the whackadoodle way I was talking to myself.

002 (1)

It was seventy some-odd degrees outside the day I finished it hence the flip-flops (gee-mah-nee, but I need a pedi!), with mosquitos the size of 747s buzzing about (you think I’m joking) and I was sewing flannel.  Perhaps that accounted for my odd behavior.  Or maybe it’s just that I’m weird. 




  1. The best way to sew a rag quilt or repair a rag quilt is to use the zipper foot. I know that Lennie doesn’t have one but didn’t you get another machine recently?

    Looks great. Sure your friend will love it. It was 44° when I got to work this evening.

  2. Its 65 here this morning. We’re heading over to ennis for a toy run on the motorcycle. Nice weather! But i think it has caused me not to really be in the Christmas spirit yet! Eek. I haven’t even been able to make myself put the tree up!

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