Taking Sympathy to an All New Level

Dear Etty,

I wanted you to know how sympathetic I’ve felt about your bum foot.  It’s gotta stink having a hard time getting around, not to mention how it interferes with your sewing.  With that in mind, I managed to slip, twist and crash in my all-time favorite place this morning…the bathtub.  No wonder my kids hate bathing…the place is dangerous!

Anyway, one bone’s broken (the doctor ‘thinks’…can’t you tell for certain from an x-ray?!) and it’s turning a lovely shade of mauve.  Crikey, I need a pedicure!  I got this nifty boot and classy pair of crutches.  Yay me!

I’d try and milk this for some sympathy from Himself, but I swear the man’s not got a sympathetic bone in his body.  Unless of course he’s the one that’s ill/injured.  Anyhoo…

Glad yours is on the mend and in a couple of weeks, mine’ll be as good as new, too!




  1. Ouch is right! I can't believe this has happened to you. I'm in shock. Please have a speedy recovery-a Refuah Shaymah as we say over here. Milk it as much as you can. I can't think of a better time.Love yaEtty

  2. Poor you! But your toes look wonderful. Especially when compared with mine which still have on polish from July which is half grown out so it's like a reverse french pink and white!

  3. Oy, I'm so sorry to hear about your foot. I know how painful it can be–sprained my ankle at Dancercise class back in June. Hope you will feel better soon, and that you will soon get back to some more elegant footwear!

  4. I am not laughing. I swear I am not. But this sounds so much like something I would do. Obviously it has been a while since I have been treated for a sprained ankle because I have never had one of those lovely boots. I hope you heal quickly. Crutches make great clubs for using on husbands that aren't sympathetic enough. With practice you can make it look like an accident.

  5. Oh, no!! So sorry to hear about your foot–and your right one of all–how's that working out for you for driving and running the foot pedal for your sewing? Hope it heals up quickly for your!!

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