Then It Cliqued

Ahh, cliques…the hair flipping, eye rolling, lip curling, you can’t hang with us because the label on your butt is so last season…‘oh. my. gawd Becky, look at her is sooo big!’

Wait a minute, that last part’s from a Sir Mixalot song…oops!

Anyhoo, you get the point.  I thought, erroneously as it turns out, that I was done with cliques once I left the confines of high school.  Stupid, stupid girl.  How could I have forgotten I’m the mother of a girl?

The Diva got her first taste of one of these coteries last year when she was painfully excluded from playing with the cool girls because she was too ‘tomboy’.  Frankly, this just means she could beat the snot of out ’em and go on about her rat-killin’…but was still so uncool that to be seen in the same day with her would’ve sounded the death knell for everyone else’s social life.

Imagine my surprise (and skepticism) when she announced last week that she’d been assimilated into the in-crowd because she was now considered ‘friendly’ to the group.  Sounds like the Collective from Star Trek.  Or the U.N.

Funny how you don’t hear about male cliques, now that I think about it.  Nuh-uh.  Guys have gangs or if they’re honorably inclined in the behavior department, ‘bands of brothers’.  Girls?  They have Estrogen Posses.

It’s woefully inadequate to tell The Diva to just be the same sweet girl she’s always been.  “Just be you and remember when it was you on the outside.  Don’t be mean to the non-groupies, okay?” I lectured from the driver’s seat.  Cue her eye roll.

If she starts wearing skirts and headbands and gives up her dream of being able to pee while standing, I’ll give ’em a ringing endoresement.  Until then, The Estrogen Posse rides again!

Wish her me us luck!


  1. Those girls can make life pretty unbearable. My daughter has been through the ringer and is now going to a new school to help with the horror of dealing with ignorant *itches. As a mother I wanted her to not be affected by there *itchery, but in a small school it's hard to assimilate. I know there will be clicks in her new school, but so far she says everyone has been very NICE! This is a word I didn't know existed anymore. I hope your baby does not go through what mine has. It ruins their self confidence and moral. On the other hand, my girl had the highest grade point average in the school last year and will probably be getting into an ivy league school. Yes!

  2. Who knows. Maybe your daughter will find a few folks in the "in crowd" that are more like her but just too meek to be themselves. Together they can all be themselves and form their own group.(that's how it worked for me back in my youth–and those two girls I met are still my friends some twenty years later)

  3. I hate mean people, they just truly suck! I wasnt the popular cute girl either. I was picked on, at home (8 brothers and sisters) and at school and that was a private "Christian" school, so go figure! Its so hard to deal with mean b****es and bullys…it just means those people have no confidence in themselves that they have to crap all over everyone else. I was amazed a couple of weeks ago when I was at the park with my grandaughter (who is 2) that a 5 yr old was bullying her. I was so pissed! My grandbaby was so intrigued by some poms poms this little girl had and I asked if she could see them and we were "dissed". Then she told my 2 yr old grandbaby "cant you say anything else but "hi"?" So, later when we bumped into her again and got a dirty look from her, I told my Jayden, its ok sweetie…shes just a mean girl and boy oh boy did she shoot daggers at me! Ahhhh well, the truth hurts!!

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