Pinning the Albatross

So, in an effort to be truer to the process pledge I took some time back, I’m gonna bore you to tears with info about the quilt that refuses to be quilted.  I blogged yesterday that I’d had serious thread breakage and batting issues after loading this baby onto my mom’s quilt frame.  I swear, this’ll be ready by the time Captain Studly walks down the aisle.  He’s only 13, surely there’s plenty of time!
Anyhoo, I managed to dodge a trip to a heretofore undisclosed destination…yes, I’m being evasive on purpose and was left to my own devices by Himself and the Co-Defendants.  YAY, peace and quiet!  I’ve never pinned a quilt on carpet, always on linoleum.  My knees are thanking me and it wasn’t as difficult as I’d anticipated.  Thank heavens for small favors, eh?
Now, it’s all pinned and ready for Lennie the Featherweight. 
I checked out a blog post over at The Amateur Quilter about quilting a big-ass quilt (his words) on a home sewing machine.  Considering the quilt he whipped out appears to dwarf mine, I’d say there’s hope for getting this puppy done. 
Wish me luck!


  1. I wish you a speedy finish on this with Lennie, what a bummer to not be able to get it to work on the long arm. I've been quilting a baby blanket about 50" square on my Singer and am driving myself crazy with it–Of course my initial deadline to get this blanket done has passed, so now the second I get flustered, I immediately walk away from it–I'm lucky if this child will get this blanket by the time he starts kindergarten! Can't wait to hear how the quilting goes!

  2. Good luck! It was quilting a queen size flannel on my Janome (9" harp) that drove me to buy the HQ16. I will keep my fingers crossed for you. Make a pitcher of margaritas and keep in the fridge, just in case!

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