The Myth of the Relaxing Holiday

I absolutely adore three day weekends, don’t you?  Lazing around, swilling adult Capri Sun pouches (thanks for that moniker, C!), and soaking up some rays.  Yeah, right.  Holidays such as these are for the childless and retirees.  With kids, let’s face it, there’s really no such thing.

This is how my Labor Day weekend has progressed thus far…

Friday afternoon, Captain Studly had a friend, J, over to spend the night (sorry no pictures…no prior parental approval).  They decided to camp out in the backyard, in 90 degree heat, to keep as far away from The Diva and Wonder Mom as possible.  Never mind the West Nile epidemic we’ve got going on in our area.  I sprayed enough pesticide to keep the little buggers at bay (mosquitos, not kids) that the boys will probably have kids born with six heads.  Saturday morning, I spied J sleeping atop the trampoline…nice.

After dropping off J and meeting his dog (don’t ask how THAT went), we made an emergency trip to the LQS to pick up my BOM.  I’m now three months behind.  Sigh.  Right about mid-afternoon, Captain Studly decided ‘Holy crap, Mom’s off this weekend!  I must get sick…yippeee!!’  And wouldn’t you know it, Himself was out of town to a car show.  Naturally.

By this morning, Captain Studly seems a bit better.  Himself has been umbilically (is that a word?) attached to the computer; I’ve been chained to the washing machine and my list of chores seems to be breeding like bunnies.  Holiday, my fat fanny!

This is what I managed to accomplish Saturday.  Ever have times when you feel creativity must be forced?  I am, once again, in a slump with my quilting.  Cardmaking, however, has proved another matter entirely.

A reminder: The Quilting Gallery blog hop ends 9/3 (at least, for my blog it does) so get your comments in to be entered for the drawing.  Remember, only one comment!

I have managed to get Captain Studly’s quilt loaded onto mom’s quilting machine and am giving serious thought to working on it today.  I’m thinking, I’m thinking…

Happy Labor Day weekend, y’all!



  1. LOL…Glad to see you are still among the living. Isn't it amazing that every holiday weekend, vacation or break of any kind SOMEONE get sick? I am taking vacation starting Friday but have been afraid to mention it for fear of what will happen. Last time my MIL nearly died – literally.Cards are impressive and count as creativity. Can't wait to see the finished quilt, though.

  2. Yes, I am impressed that you are able to be creative and say "be happy" with all of life going on around you. And, you think you are in a quilting slump? Mine has lasted most of the summer. My fall quilting class starts this Tuesday night though so I hope I will get my sewing on finally!Have a good rest of the weekend. :}

  3. I think designing cards and designing quilts are very closely related.(A secret to ward of blood sucking critters: B-3 for the humans. Apparently it makes us stink and taste bad and since they can smell it first, they stay away. People who work in forests depend on it.–I forgot which one it was last time we were in the health store and some misinformed clerk told me B-6. Yes, B-6 may stink, but it doesn't make us stink bad enough to ward off the critters!)May your card making inspire your quiltmaking and may your interruptions and distractions back off so you can enjoy your holiday!

  4. I had to laugh – your holiday weekend resembles mine – lots of "Must do" tasks, not enough time for the "Want To" projects. Your cards are LOVELY! I have the one I received displayed prominently and have gotten rave reviews from whoever sees it. Hang in there!

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