Bowlin’ With My Homies

Captain Studly decided he wanted to go bowling for his birthday (which is tomorrow, if anyone’s curious) so this morning, after everyone was medicated, I packed us into the rolling marshmallow and off we went to the bowling alley.  Mind you, my visions of bowling alleys are somewhat fanciful and colored by memories of my youth since I was about twelve the last time I was in one.  I fully expected herds of chain-smoking elderly men, shirts stretched tautly across beer bellies and the lovely smell of stale sweat.  Oh, happy day!  What we got were alot of mommies trying to escape the heat and wear their little darlings out in the process.  We mommies can be so e-vil!

I had coupons for free games for the kids and managed to finagle all our games at a discounted rate (Nana, you’d be so proud of my thriftiness!) and I must say, I found bowling shoes to be somewhat retro chic.  Weird, but there it is.

I fully expected to be sporting that orange ball in my forehead.  The kid scared me!

The Diva had a tough time and resorted to rolling the ball ‘like a baby’…her words, not mine.

If it weren’t for the bumpers, none of us would’ve hit a pin!  Thankfully, there are no pictures of me.  I felt like a baboon in stilettos.  However, bowling proved to me that my children can get along with one another and be generally supportive of the family unit.  Or maybe that’s just ’cause we were in public.



  1. Bowling alleys ain't what they used to be, huh? Good thing is a lot of them still serve alcohol! Combine it with miniature golf and let low score win! Gives me a fighting chance!!!

  2. lol!!"I fully expected herds of chain-smoking elderly men, shirts stretched tautly across beer bellies and the lovely smell of stale sweat" You must have been at one high end bowling alley if you didnt see any of that…the shoes are pretty cool though, I agree!!

  3. I can smell the smoky, icky bowling alley we used to go to with my cousins growing up–you describe it perfectly! I'm sure, even though there has been a ban on smoking in public places for a few years now, you can still walk into the local bowling alley here and smell that horrid smell—I don't think any amount of Febreeze, Bleach, and Pin Sol can get rid of that stench! Happy Birthday to your hubby!

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