The Cheerful Cheater

I don’t tend to think of myself as a quilting snob (any other variety snob, and I’m all in), however, I readily admit to having somewhat of an aversion to what my mom calls ‘cheater quilts’.  I’m fairly certain she’s not referring to panels (of which she lays claim to quite a few) but to those pre-quilted panels one simply finishes off with binding.

I know no shame.

Today, I proudly proclaim myself a cheater with my head held high and a certain je ne se what jauntiness to my airs (think of those bar-hopping twentysomethings from the Captain Morgan commercials…yeah, like them).  In a pinch, these pre-quilted babies are the bomb, y’all!  With due dates right around the corner, I ran out of time…okay, I procrastinated shamelessly.  Satisfied?

I didn’t get pictures of the first one (trains), but here’s the girly one…

Maybe next time, I’ll have it all together, but it was lots of fun to say Why, yes, I made it today!

Happy cheating quilting, y’all!



  1. I agree that some are cute. I still wish I had bought the Raggedy Ann one I had in my cart 10 or 15 yrs ago when Hell-mart carried it. You done good!p.s. I had to download google chrome to be able to comment on blogs again! But I am back. Beware!

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