You’re Such a Card!

Lucky for me, the constraints of square footage keep my number of hobbies to a minimum; unluckily, both my hobbies are squashed into a corner of the dining room resulting in a look I like to call ‘freshly-tossed tornado’…

This week, I’ve worked on card-making and it’s all my Mother’s fault.  She got me into quilting, too.  Hey, Mom, how come you can’t introduce me to a cheap hobby?!  Anyway, this is what I’ve accomplished since last Sunday…

I left all but the sewing one blank on the inside so I can use them for just about anything.

And just to prove that they really aren’t Hallmark cards, I had this stamp made to put on the back of each one.

 They’re alot of fun if I don’t overthink them too much.  Even Co-Defendant #2 has tried her hand at a couple.

So, what are you working on this week?  I’m heading over to Confessions of a Fabric Addict…won’t you join me? 

Have a great weekend, y’all!



  1. Wow, those cards are beautiful! I made a rule that I will not allow myself to try any crafts involving paper or yarn… fabric only… but if I ever break that rule, cards will be the first thing I try.

  2. Your fabric looks a lot more organized than mine does right now. I love the cards. Very pretty. That is one hobby I almost started doing-scrapbooking, but stopped myself. I may take it up after all someday because I still have boxes of pictures I have not done anything with. It's overwhelming!

  3. Cool! The closest I get to making a card is taking a photo, copying it onto a sheet of paper, folding and writing on the inside…I really should embellish them a little…

  4. Beautiful cards!! I love the idea of home made cards, but just can't take on another hobby – so I swap crafts with a friend of mine, who makes cards but doesn't want to learn to quilt! Whoop whoop!!

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