Quilt Riches

Is there such a thing as too many quilts?  My soon to be teen son is rich in quilts from all sorts of family members…and this isn’t all of them.  I braved the pit he calls his bedroom so I could wash linens and pulled all of these off his bed!

Notice Lulu cowering behind the quilts?

It’s funny to see them all hanging there as they represent a progression from baby to (he thinks) grown-up. 

The John Deere tractor quilt is one of the first ones I ever made for him and the other is when he was convinced baseball would be his career of choice…I think he was six at the time.

Ah yes, the hot air balloon phase!  The sailboats and bears quilt was made by his Great-Aunt Doris.

My Mom made both of these…

And this one, too.  I love rag quilts especially in the colder months since they’re so snuggly and heavy.

I love making quilts and believe I pour a lot of myself into each and every one of them.  To know my kids sleep under something I made, maybe being comforted by it when they need it most makes me quite happy.

Happy quilting, y’all!



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