Darn You Jessie!

Co-Defendant #2 is a huge fan of Disney Channel and the show Jessie in particular.  If you don’t know about Jessie, played by actress Debby Ryan, here’s a bit of background:

She’s from a military family stationed at Ft. Hood Texas who came to New York City to chase her dreams of music stardom and wound up as a nanny for a whole passel of spoiled, needy kids whose dad is some rich Hollywood-type and his supermodel/supermogul wife.

Jessie’s accent grates on my nerves (I sooo do not sound like her) and she’s a few bricks shy of a full load if you get my drift. 

Where am I going with this?  Well, Toys ‘R Us nicely sent #2 a gift card for her upcoming birthday so of course we HAD to make a trip there this morning.  And what does she want?  A guitar…just like Jessie.

Thank you, a thousand thank yous merciful Lord, that she didn’t want drums!

Where’s the Tylenol?


  1. Hehe! Yes you seem to have got off lightly there if drums were in the frame! And I agree with My Life in Quilts – she is very cute with the guitar!

  2. You may be helping a budding superstar blossom there. All of my boys have played guitar at one time or another. I should say "played at". Much better than drums…or trumpet. I hated hearing trumpet practice. Two of the three played trumpet.

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