Rock The House!

Having sent the Testosterone Twins merrily on their way to the land of squealing tires, exhaust fumes and screaming paint jobs, Co-Defendant #2 and I are enjoying a bit of male-free quiet.  This means no Speed Channel, no train movies and no farting.  Well, except for the dog.

Welcome to…

The House of Estrogen!

Like Belushi and Akroyd…only better looking and way more awesome!

We’ve already done the Mayborn Museum (and JoAnn’s Fabrics!) and plotted our slumber party over dinner at Outback Steakhouse.

I’ve got daiquiris (mine, natch!) and cookies and cream ice cream (hers) chilling in the freezer.

Look out, y’all…the Bowen girls are on the loose!



  1. Lucky for you two girls!!! Hope you have a fantastic time! And remember–there is no such thing as "too much fun!" Enjoy your time together!! Oh, and a belated Happy Anniversary!!

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