Windy and WIPd

Sometimes I think Central Texas has got to be the windiest spot in the whole U.S. of A!  Co-Defendant #2 and I watched the wind whip up a dust cloud in the neighbor’s driveway this morning…one big funnel cloud of grit and grime.  It’s really a knee-slapper when you get a cornhusk cloud a-twirling!  No, it doesn’t take much to excite us me.  Add in the humidity and rising temperatures…ugh!  Baby, it’s cold enough to hang meat in my house.  Just ask DH.

On to quilty things!  I’ve been doing a lot of stripping lately and boy does it make everything go faster.  Focus here…I’m still talking quilting.

Keen eyes (or space satellites) may be able to pick up the, ahem, slight discrepancy in accurancy as the quilt nears its outer rings of strips.  Let me be clear: this was entirely on purpose!  And I’m gonna wake up a size 2, also.  Anyhoo, I decided I’ll embellish it with rickrack and make a center diamond around the parts that are actually correct.  You know, nothing detracts from a glaring holy-crap screw-up quite like embellishing the darn thing!  Moral of the story: measure thrice and cut once.  And yes, I’m still giving this puppy away!

From the leftovers, I pieced this…

Go ahead and yawn but sometimes, okay, okay A LOT of times, my brain just wants to sew and not think about pattern and direction (please refer to first picture for photographic evidence of this phenomena).  The hum of Lennie the Featherweight and she zips her way over the fabric is just. so. soothing.

So what are you working on this week?  I’m linking up to Lee at Freshly Pieced!

Happy quilting, y’all!



  1. Really? I was afraid I live in the windiest place–east of the Sandias east of Albuquerque. I really had no idea how windy it would be here. I routinely find pieces of mobile homes in my yard that blow in from a mobile home neighborhood several blocks away!

  2. Your leftover strippy quilt is great! I totally understand the hum of the machine, just stitching along. Very meditative. I might have to try that this weekend!

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