Oh, You Stinker!

I got a lovely package in the mail today from my blogland friend, Mary, as a thank you for sending USMC fabric her way for an upcoming project.  What a nice surprise as these days ‘surprise’ usually involves a call from the principal. 

Look at this unassuming package and then gaze upon all the awesomeness inside…and I will say I walked with dignity to the mailbox…and smiled and hummed a jaunty tune all the way back!

Did I rip the package to shreds?  I think NOT!


This is a 12 piece (OH!) fat quarter collection from Connecting Threads (MY!) called Birchtree Lane (GOODNESS!).  It reminds me of our local park with all the lush pecan trees and the river running beside it…oh, the ideas are swirling ’round in my head.

And look at this…it’s orange sherbet of the fabric variety.  I’ve only ever made one quilt with orange in it, but I absolutely love it and hoard it for that ‘perfect’ project.  Aren’t these gorgeous?!  A spool of Aurifil (a brand I’ve never used before, but am excited to try), orange polka dots and a gorgeous sunflower batik (which my daughter is eyeing…watch it sister!).  Be still my heart…I am in quilter’s heaven!  I stood in the backyard photographing everything and squealing the whole time.  If the neighbors weren’t convinced of my apparent mental instability, it’s no longer up for debate. 

Thank you Mary, you didn’t have to do that…but I’m sooo glad you did!

Happy quilting, y’all!



  1. Oh, good! I am so glad you like it. My husband questioned me sending the orange batik since it was already washed and technically a "scrap". I assured him you were a quilter and would appreciate it.I can't wait to see what you do with it.Thank you so much with your help getting the USMC fabric. My goal is Veteran's Day for that one. My BIL told me today he never cries. I said, "Really? Never?" His wife said, "Mary has made you tear up…..on Veteran's Day." That was just a card! I think the quilt will blow him away! I can't wait to tell him the help you gave. It will mean the world to him.

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