Quilt Retreat Part Two

Somehow I managed to leave the house without being loaded down with projects…maybe it was that double dose of good sense I took before leaving home.  I always, always seem to stuff my little car so full it groans and come home a little let down because I didn’t get more done.  I guess I forget at some point a break is necessary to sleep and eat…oh, and bathe. 

Saturday morning I was up at 4 a.m. (my usual wake-up time) and had the sewing room all to my lonesome for about two hours.  A cup of coffee at my elbow, this is what I started on and managed to finish by the end of the day…

I purchased it as a kit about six years ago…yes, I said six.  The pattern is Stix and Stones by Karen Montgomery.  I had everything already cut out and ready to go so it went together quickly.  My daughter’s already requested this one.

Mom and I went back to Waxahachie to The Crafty Scrapper.  This retreat was a mix of quilters and scrapbookers and they raved about the shop…which interestingly enough was right around the corner from the quilt shop, Common Threads.  How fortuitous!  And if I were so inclined (which I wasn’t this time), the Purple Dragon tattoo shop is right around the corner from both the other shops…double fortuitous!

There’s an awesome quilt shop in Italy (not the country, the town in Texas) called Suzzett’s that we like to frequent as well so we couldn’t pass her by without a look-see.  Her’s is mostly internet sales but she built a fabulous new shop behind her home and Mom wanted me to see it…not because it’s stuffed with fabric, mind you.  For fun and entertainment I’ll tell you the locals pronounce Italy not as I-ta-lee but as It-lee.  We made that mistake once…never again. 

Saturday evening, Sister Margarita stopped by for a visit…you remember the good Sister from last time, right?

Sister makes sewing so much more entertaining plus a visit from her makes a massage much more relaxing.  I started another project post-massage but didn’t make it very long…I was in bed by 10:30.  Yep, I’m a party animal!

Stay tuned, there’s more…but I’ve gotta get the kids to school.

Happy quilting, y’all!


One comment

  1. Sister Margarita looks huge next to Lennie!Nice finish and isn't it nice that it is appreciated already?Italy is funny.Ever been to Lafayette? It is funny how many ways that is pronounced. Here in Indiana we say Laa-fee-et. I work in Terre Haute. No one can pronounce that!

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