Quilt Retreat Part One

Mom and I headed north Friday morning to Tracy’s Spring Fling quilt retreat at Our House in Milford.  Such fun!  Someone to cook all the meals and clean up…all we had to do was sew.  Throw in a couple of trips to area quilt shops and a massage for good measure.  Boy, am I ever tired!

Here’s what I finished up on Friday…happy dance time!

YES!!  It is finally pieced!  I opted not to go with a large outer border like I’d originally planned, thinking it would detract from the airplanes.  Not to mention the fact I’m not getting any younger and I just wanted the darn thing d-o-n-e!  The color’s not so good here because I took the picture inside but it’s the only place where I could get the whole thing in frame.

Here’s a better shot of the actual colors, taken outside…

We went ahead into Waxahachie and stopped at Common Threads, the local quilt shop (it was such a hardship, but we managed all the same).  Mom picked up an apron pattern for herself and Co-Defendant #2.  Here’s #2’s finished apron…

In case you’re wondering just how far out this place is, here’s a picture of the view from the front porch…

It looks like the middle of nowhere, but it really isn’t.  There are plenty of cows, horses and assorted wild critters…but not a man in sight…or kids, for that matter.

There’s plenty more to show you but I’m pacing myself.  All that sewing, eating, sleeping and being able to use the bathroom uninterrupted has just worn me out.  I think it’s naptime.

Stay tuned…I linked up to Richard Quilts and Confessions of a Fabric Addict!

And happy quilting, y’all!



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