My Week in Quilting

I’m so excited it’s Wednesday and I actually have a fair amount of quilty stuff marked off my to-do list to show for it!

I started the week by cutting and/or piecing backing fabric for a total of nine quilt tops and tried my hand at a couple of New York Beauty blocks.

I’m currently working on finishing up a Christmas top I started, oh….about five years ago!  It still needs the top and bottom borders and then voila! it’ll be ready for quilting, too.  Here’s Co-Def #2 doing her best Vanna White imitation.

We spent the day in Fort Worth visiting the zoo and DH battled his way through traffic, bad drivers and horrid mapquest directions to get me to a quilt shop.  Did I marry myself a winner or what?

I’m linking up with freshly pieced for WiP Wednesday.

Happy quilting, y’all!


  1. DH is definitely a winner if he did all that to get you to a quilt shop. My DH's foot hits the pedal to the medal when we pass any of my favorite shops! Good for you on all of your finishes!

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