The Box Is My Friend

I confess: I HATE CHANGE.  There, I said it.  Whenever I hear someone roll out that tired line Think outside the box I have an overwhelming urge to give ’em a good smack and yell Snap out of it!

Maybe it’s not change, so much as innovation that I have a problem with.  I like thinking inside the box where there’s structure and order.  Outside the box is chaotic and there’s gnashing of teeth.  No thanks.  I like following someone else’s pattern and yes, I like quilt kits with their tidy all-togetherness so neatly packaged and sometimes tied with a bow.  Sue me.  Is it laziness…lack of creative sensibilities…or just simply expedient?  I don’t know and frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.

However…(you knew that was coming, didn’t you?)

I forced myself the other night to sit down and just sew.  I opened up a scrap box and slapped stuff together willy-nilly just to see what I’d come up with.  Behold…

I came up with two oddly sized crazy blocks and a case of Quilter’s Hives.  I’m not a fan of either one.  Maybe if I make several hundred more I’ll start to see the appeal of just winging it.  Then again, maybe I should bang my head repeatedly against a hard surface. 

I’m linking up to Can I Get a Whoop Whoop!?  and Finish It Up Friday.

Happy quilting, y’all!



  1. Well I give you credit for giving it a try even if you didn't totally love it! Blocks like that are nice to use on the back of a quilt that has some of the same fabrics in it, too– I've seen people do that. I'm like you– I tend to like order, but I do also like doing wonky little stuff occasionally. Have yourself a good weekend!

  2. I always *think* that winging it will work out just fine… until I try it… then I wonder why I'm not just using one of the 4 zillion patterns I already own. Of course, then I pull out a pattern and only half follow it, which is no better than winging it was. That's usually when I start to feel like I'm just *under* the box!All that said, I think the colors you chose are great and they look much better than most of my "wings" do!

  3. I kind of like them. A little wonky, crazy quilt, log cabin looking. Good for you! Have you read that book, "Who Moved My Cheese?" I feel the same way as the mouse. But it is good to make changes. I've never really just sat down and started sewing pieces together before either. It might be fun.

  4. I give you kudos for being a pattern/kit girl. I wish I could be better at using patterns. I have a hard time with patterns-1.Because I cannot follow directions worth a crap & 2.Mine never turns out as good as the pictures do. I tend to do most of my projects on a whim & without a pattern. Your blocks above are a great way to use up scraps!! My Husband's Gramda makes these blocks all the time and they are known to us as "Grandma's Crazy Blocks" & I made her teach me how she makes them. I make big ones (about 10") and smaller ones (about 6"). When I'm want to sew but don't know what to sew, I make these. Then I pile them up according to size and once I have enough to make a quilt, I put sashing (usually a solid color or lightly textured color) around the big blocks and alternate solid squares with the smaller crazy blocks. It took me a while to get used to making them, but not I love the mindless sewing of them and putting my odd scraps to use!

  5. Whoohooo!!! I couldn't have said it better myself. I'm all about the execution. I LOVE quilt kits that come with all the fabrics together, a lovely pattern and all I have to do is sew. Nothing wrong with that what so ever. If every one thought outside the box, there wouldn't be any use for the box at all. And that box, it's the best part of it all 🙂

  6. Oh, this makes me laugh so much! I'm glad I'm not the only one. I think picking fabric is the most difficult part of quilting!! I applaud your willingness to try — I'm not stepping out there yet. ~Michelle

  7. lol 😀 Kits and patterns are awesome. Unless we are sewing for a commissioned order, it's all about enjoying what we're doing, right? Lots of us don't like disorder and lack of structure. Nothing wrong about that, whatsoever. I've been enjoying more of the design-it-myself angle this past year, but I still really appreciate a ready-to-go pattern and I have no problem whatsoever buying a kit that strikes my fancy. In fact, my latest flimsy finish is a kit!!!!! Sue me, too, y'all! ;D

  8. LoL I totally get where you're coming from, and yet… just a few more blocks would make an awfully cute scrappy baby quilt! 🙂

  9. I finished the book today, Michelle. Thank you for the suggestion…maybe baby-step change otherwise I'll get nauseous and that won't turn out so pretty 😉

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