A Quilter’s Christmas

We have somehow managed to accumulate a multitude of Christmas decorations…cardboard boxes and plastic totes are brought down from the attic usually accompanied by a fair amount of grumbling from Dear Hubby, bless his heart.  This year I really strived to pare it all down, meaning my house does not look like Santa’s village blew up.  Yay me!  It only took two days to put everything out as opposed to a week and a half.  We still had to shove furniture aside, but the upside is my sewing desk is now hidden behind the Christmas tree.  It’s (almost) like having a separate room all to my lonesome, so I decided it needed a bit of holiday cheer too.


My Mom made this one

The above trio she got through The Danbury Mint catalog

These are from Hallmark…love their ornaments!

Do you decorate your sewing space for the winter holiday you celebrate?  If not, why not!  After all, any space could use a little cheer!


  1. I love the quilt ornaments (from Danbury Mint) and the one you and your Mom made. The wreath is very pretty, too! I just purchased a garland of blue and silver Stars of David to decorate (since we celebrate chanuka). Enjoy the festivities and toned down decorations!

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