Where’re Santa’s Elves When I Need One?

Well, here I am again with the Christmas season looming and the quilty gifts I said I’d have done for that most special of days are still unfinished.  Intentions, intentions, how they vex me so.  I have a little purse (for the tomboy, of course…she’ll probably use it to carry rocks and Nerf gun bullets…sigh) and Seth’s airplane quilt…will they get done?  I’m having serious doubts.

My version of ‘Finish it up Friday’ went something like this…

Clean the house…check!

Do mountains of laundry…check!

Do some mending…check!  Hey, isn’t that my handquilting project under there? 

Finish up the Christmas cards…check!  Yes, I made them this year because my list is patheticly short.

Let the dog in and out…and in and out…check!  Do you think that burns any calories? 

A little home improvement project in Co Def #2’s room…check!

Stare longingly at my Featherweight…check!

Oh, well, at least we all have clean undies.

Happy quilting, y’all!

One comment

  1. Well, you got some stuff done! And you always need clean underwear. I love your dog, love how it looks like it (don't know if it's a boy or a girl) has eye liner around the one eye!

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