Disappearing 9 Patch, Part Two

So, after the debacle that resulted from slinging all nine blocks together in one ginormous Ode to Grossness…

…I decided I better ‘quick, do something…anything’ which meant either 1) burn it or 2) rehab it.  It went to rehab.  The end result wasn’t what I intended either because when it came time to sash it, Block #9 was nowhere to be found.  Eight blocks does not a 9 patch make.  Take that, Mrs. Emmitt!  See, I did too finally get math!!  I searched all over my sewing ‘room’ aka a corner of the dining room.  Do you think I  found it?  Nuh-uh.  I have a better chance of waking up tomorrow a size 2 with Tom Selleck rubbing my feet.

Time for Plan B…

I don’t think it turned out too bad and am still toying with possibly adding a red outer border.  I’m thinking of quilting clusters of cherries in the green squares, too.  Then again, I’m about done with this puppy and am ready for something new, which translates to easy and idiot-proof.  You know, there really is a book out there called Quilting for Dummies.  And yes, I own it.

Once I was finished up for the night, I half-heartedly began to clean up and, guess what, Block #9 came home, the jerk!  AAARRRRGGGHHHH!!



  1. This turned out great! Wonderful work! And of course, isn't it always once you finish something or get something new to replace the missing piece, it arrives once you no longer need it!

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