Disappearing 9 Patch

Marilyn, a lady from our quilting bee The Happy Stitchers, made some of these blocks one evening.  What she came up with was really pretty so, I thought I’d give it a try.  What an amatuer, I am!

I chose the Cherries Jubilee charm pack from American Jane for Moda.  I actually wound up having to use two of them because I could get only four 9 patch blocks from each charm pack.  Luckily, I’m practically drowning in charm packs.

The concept is really simple.  Start by sewing a 9 patch block: 3 rows of 3 blocks each.  I used charm packs because they’re precut and I’m impatient, but you could use any size block you wanted.

Once the 9 patch is assembled, cut it down the middle vertically…

…and across the middle horizontally.

What you wind up with are four wonky 4 patches that you simply turn any direction until you’re satisfied with the look.  Alas, this is where I encountered some trouble as I am never satisfied.  You can really drive yourself bonkers if you’re too finicky with this pattern.  I’m already bonkers, so it was a short trip.

Mom and I got together last night to sew and chat…and eat cheesecake and I still managed to get all the blocks pieced.  When I put laid them out…hmmm (this is me, sounding not very pleased).

If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear my daughter’s crayon box threw up on my design wall.  It’s a bird!  It’s a plane!  No!!  It’s technicolor fiber vomit!  So for now I’m stuck, but I’m contemplating adding some sashing to break up all that gawd-awful nauseousness.  Or I may just close my eyes, pull a Michael Andretti to speed sew them all together and get this thing outta my way.  I’ll think on it awhile…and you know how long that takes me.

Happy quilting, ya’ll!


5 thoughts on “Disappearing 9 Patch

  1. I made one and used a charm pack. I think the problem is not enough solids. When I laid mine out, not enough solids would have worked better.But you know what I am going to put mine together. I think yours looks great. It is a great scrappy quilt.

  2. I managed to pick out sashing fabric (basic black)much to the chagrin of the quilt shop lady who was advocating for a putrid shade of green. She did make the same suggestion as Carolyn about using some solids to break it all up which is probably a very wise idea. Lesson learned…don't be lazy and rely on the charm pack to do all the work! LOL!!

  3. Betty, that's the way I did mine, only hers lacks my 'holy crap, what did I do' look. I'm going to my (sewing) corner now to try and salvage the thing…wish me luck!

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