Your Honor, I’d Like to Enter Into Evidence…

…photographic proof that, yes, indeed, I did take pictures of more than just flowers…and mixed drinks (but the drinks flowers were sooo pretty).

Tortuga Mexican Grill, Galveston…

Moody Gardens Aquarium, Galveston…

Texas State Aquarium, Corpus Christi…

Joe’s Crab Shack, Corpus Christi…

The drive home…



  1. I believe that you successfully portrayed a happy, well-rounded family vacation with out overdoing the mixed drinks and flowers. Case is dismissed. You showed a loving happy family having a great time on vacation There is no judge presiding over this. I personally am working in therapy to overcome my automatic judgemental thoughts (even wit hmedicatoin, I still need to talk)– loved your family road trip (classic that the kids fell asleep in their car seats). Great shots of everyone along the way!

  2. I came over to your blog from Fluffy Sheep. I just spent some time reading your older posts and laughing my behind off! Thanks for making me laugh!!

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