I like sarcasm. When used effectively you can make your point without resorting to cursing or raising your voice. I think of it as the ultimate foreign language (and lots easier to learn than say, Spanish!)

I also like sharing: ideas, beliefs, opinions. Which probably explains my love of Facebook and blogging. Where else can you get quilting tips, see the latest photo of someone’s kid or find out how so-and-so’s date went Saturday night? I suppose it’s because God made me female and supposedly we never run out of fodder for all our verbal vomit. Whatever!

Mind you, all that sharing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea when you factor in the Boogieman and national security. Fair enough. The thing that chaps my hide is the not so subtle vibe some people give off that says if what I believe doesn’t mesh with what they believe then one of us is wrong, namely me.


The stuff I talk about is everyday Mommy drivel, not ethical dilemma type stuff. It’s in the trenches parenting and life crap that you either laugh about or take a pill over. Oh, wait, I laugh AND take a pill. Whooopsies!!

I’m all for engaging in what the media like to term “meaningful dialogue”, but if your verbal fencing is going to be reduced to verbal backhanding or profanity, kindly count me out.


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